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Torsion is a collaboration of Bridge & Structural Engineers, CAD and BIM technicians based in Athens (Greece), working on infrastructure, industrial and residential projects around the world. They have established as a point of reference in innovative structural design at the forefront of the Construction Industry, in Greece and abroad; leaving a lasting footprint for the benefit of future generation inspires them. Their mission is to deliver cutting-edge, optimized and easy-to-realize projects of all sizes, whilst operating under budget and time constraints, and maintaining aesthetic simplicity.
Torsion Prints
Exhibition Design
for Building Material Show

Alexandros Nikitas – founder of Torsion Structural Engineering – was invited to Building Material Show as a Research Fellow. Mr Nikitas in collaboration with Amiad created “The cycle of building repairs and reinforcements”. The exhibition was captured with 3D Camera MatterPort Pro3, which was also an exhibit item. Check the 3D capture here.

Building Material Show 2023, The cycle of building repairs and reinforcements: Observe: Collection of Data
Building Material Show 2023, The cycle of building repairs and reinforcements: Think: Engineering, Act: Construct
Exhibition Design for HOTEL Show
100% Hotel Show Booth Design
Torsion Website
Torsion Website
Torsion Website

“I consider Christina one of my best collaborators. Christina has designed all our logos, corporate identity and website and is constantly next to us to all our custom needs.

Her professionalism and creativity are rare. However, what is truly unique in this collaboration is that Christina will always try for the best possible result. Even when to our eyes the first version looks perfect, she will still look for the even better version, which always comes. In conclusion, I recommend Christina as your creative director without any hesitation, regardless of the size of your company and its needs. It is beyond any doubt, that she will find the way and solve the riddle of the best possible solution.”

Bridge & Structural Engineer / Founder

Let’s make something amazing together